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So how does this become something different than your standard weight loss blog? Because I’m also hawking my wares! I kid, I’m going to write daily about diet, nutrition, weight loss, diabetes, and other health-related concerns – obviously from a layperson’s perspective. However I’ve only had my baked goods on Etsy for half a day and I’ve already received several nice emails about them, but also questioning if I’d used them for weight loss, what effect they have on blood sugar, if they’re safe for diabetics, if they’ll work on Weight Watchers, etc. The quick answer to all of those questions is yes (but keep reading for the caveat)! The super long answer involved telling my story in terms of my own weight loss, which is why I have this website linked from my Etsy shop page. If you’re reading this, that’s probably how you got here. Rest assured I’m not a skinny chick trying to sell you skinnier cookies (but damn I wish that were the case). I’ve worked, I’ve struggled, and I’m not through.

So what’s different about my baked goods?

First off, they taste awesome. I have this verified by everyone I’ve given them to, and I’ve only pointed butter knives to their chests, so the threats weren’t that great. I developed all the recipes from scratch. I baked 23 different versions of my spiced chocolate chip cookies before I let anyone else taste them. Why so many? You try to make a cookie that is low calorie, low carb, low fat, and high in fiber that tastes good! And does NOT have the consistency of shortbread. I do not tolerate crunchy cookies. If I wanted a crunchy cookie, I would eat a cracker, thanks.

While I can’t give all my secrets away, I want potential customers to know that they’re getting valid nutrition information. I keep the calories low by using low carb flour and fat replacers – which also have a lot of fiber. Specific types and ratios are the foundation of all my recipes. I do not follow the commonly held low carb philosophy that it’s best to avoid a cup of applesauce and replace it with two sticks of butter instead. Think about how many carbs are in a cup of unsweetened applesauce – 22. Yes there are 0 carbs in butter, but there are 100 calories in the unsweetened applesauce, and there are 810 calories and 92 grams of fat in a stick of butter. Divide that by your recipe’s total yield, and you see the unsweetened applesauce makes a lot more sense. When creating my recipes, I aim for sensible low carb while focusing first and foremost on calories.

Why pay attention to carbs, when the study I cited on my About Me page said they don’t matter?

While calories are all that matter in terms of actual weight loss, carbs have played a big role for me not just because of my diabetes, but because when my blood sugar starts to drop I crave sugar like no one’s business. I would not only take candy from a baby, but also little old ladies, nuns, and most general do-gooders. According to those studies, I could have simply eaten low calorie products that were pumped full of sugar and lost weight. But I would have felt awful. And frankly I would not ultimately have been able to watch my calories, because carbs make me crave too much bad food. For me, the ability to control carbs = ability to control calories. And the cookies are so great that I’m making them for the rest of my life. I don’t see a reason not to.


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